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Top Five Houseplants for Beginners

photo: homespunsucculents

Living decor is one of the biggest interior design trends right now. Here’s some easy ways to add it to your home!

Big, leafy house plants are a bold design statement but let’s face of it, plants can be hard to take care of and you might want to learn the ropes before dropping hundreds on a bigger plant just to watch it droop.
As a green thumb and decor enthusiast, I’ve compiled a list of the five easiest houseplants to keep if you’re a beginner – while still having the choice of beautiful plants.

5. String of Pearls

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These guys just need a good drainage soil and a little spritz now and then. They look fantastic in hanging pots so you can keep them up high away from animals and children, and they look great in pots just hanging over the edge. They are a succulent variety so if you have basic succulent knowledge already, this guy is for you.

4. Ivy

Ivy looks fantastic and is featured in a lot of home decor shoots. You can get fast growing varieties and they’re suitable for most lighting situations. You can sort of forget about these plants for a little while as they prefer to be kept on the drier side – so the soil can dry out a little before you have to water them again. If you’re a first time house planter, this low maintenance plant has the style and patience you need.

3. Spider Plant

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Spider plants are notorious throughout the indoor plant community for being ‘un-killable’. They need moderate watering, and a but more sunlight than the previous plants – but in a well lit room they’re easy to care for. They place higher than ivy simply for their re-productiveness, as with a bit of attention you’ll have spider plant babies galore.

2. Peace Lily

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You can almost always rely on the Peace Lily to be showing off beautiful blooms for you. When it’s not in flower, it’s foliage is still a beautiful shade of green with a gorgeous shape to it. These guys have to be kept moist at all times so even though they require a bit of attention, they’re easy enough to keep looking fab and pretty enough to brighten your house and even make you look a bit more ‘house plant experienced’. These plants are very toxic to cats so please don’t choose this variety if you have indoor pets. I can’t guarantee the safety of the other plants listed but I do know this one is a big no. If you have animals I recommend doing some more research by entering the plant name here.

1. Pothos

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Pothos is, without argument, the easiest houseplant you can have. They do well in high light, low light, nutrient rich soil, nutrient poor soil, and they don’t really need to be watered much at all. You can forget about these guys in a room with the curtains shut for a week and pretty much be good, but with occasional watering, good lighting and high quality soil they’ll really thrive and show off for you. You can get them in a range of pretty colours too, such as variegated.

So there we have it!
As I mentioned earlier, there is a great site for checking if your house plants are house pet friendly – so here’s the link again if you missed it:

And here’s some more pics from my local succulent and houseplant store, Home Spun Succulents to get you inspired to house plant hunt.
Check them out here:
Or look on my Instagram for a repost of their pics to find their insta!
Until next time, Rosa

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