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Top Five | Declutter Guide

Your home is your oasis! It just so happens that you actually live in it, so it gets messy sometimes. 

If you’re anything like me, you accumulate a strange things with seemingly no origin.. “but they have meeeaning to me

Okay maybe I’m just a serial hoarder. Which really, is good news for you – because if I can declutter, then anyone can. Here are the top five tips for decluttering I’ve learned along the way.

One Step At A Time

If you set aside a whole day for decluttering and cleaning out, let me tell you, you will actually spend a whole day playing with your cool finds. Either that, or you’ll get sick of it half way through and have more of a mess than you started with. Unless you’re one of those mythical people who actually finish the strenuous tasks you set for yourself (help me!), it’s best to set a little task at a time and work from there. For example, sort your wardrobe today! That shirt you got five years ago that you’re going to wear ‘one day’, give it away to a charity or friend who isn’t lying to themselves. If you’re not quite ready to part with anything, turn all your hangers to face the same direction. When you’ve worn an item of clothing, put it back and turn the hanger. After one year, whichever items still face the original direction – throw.

Rubbish Removal

Make your next goal filling up one garbage bag. You do not need your supermarket receipts anymore, okay! Expired food from the pantry, scrap paper from the office – anything that doesn’t have a place, just throw it out.

The Box Method

This one saved me in a number of ways. For starters, it helped me get rid of the stuff I had a very vague, barely passable sentimental attachment to without even realising it. If you have a range of boxes under your bed, seal the top of each of them with duct tape. Each time you need something from one of the boxes, only leave the box that had the useful item in it unsealed and reseal the rest. At the end of a 12 month period, any box that hasn’t been opened – throw out! Don’t sort through it, it’s contents evil ways will talk you in to another 12 months of storing random things you have no need for. I did this, threw out six boxes I kept for 10 years and honestly.. I’m not actually sure what’s gone!

Give Everything a Home

With the exception of that “bit of everything” drawer everyone has in their house (don’t lie to me) everything should have a place – even if it’s on the table. When you know where things belong, you know exactly where to put them back when you’re done. The result? An ever tidy place, with less pen losses. Yup, I got a pen cup for my coffee table.

Consider Your Usage

My linen cupboard is out to get me, and you can’t tell me otherwise. However, once I realised there’s no way I’m going to go through 20 sets of sheets in the time it took to wash and dry one set, it started being a little kinder. Do you have too many towels? Too many sets of cutlery? Way too many mugs (collection doesn’t count, I’m still hoarding cat mugs). These are simple things that take up room that we just don’t consider sometimes because we need them. We just don’t need two hundred and eighty of them. Donate some nice sheets to a shelter, old towels and blankets to an animal rescue ( and watch the daily space free up!

Hopefully these help you as much as they helped me! If you have any of your own tips, comment below or leave a post on my ‘less is more’ post in Insta!

Until next time, Rosa