Positive Practice

Simple ways to make every day feel better.

In today's fast paced world, it's easier to feel overwhelmed and stressed at every turn. It even gets to the point where we're thinking about work or school in a bubble bath, the place that was once our safe haven. 
Adding some positivity to our daily activities can really help take some stress away, and readjust our mindset to that 'take on anything' attitude.
Here are some simple practices that can be worked into your routine to make every day feel that little bit better.

Let Go

If you can't change it, and you can't undo it, don't dwell on it. Holding on to negative emotions and thoughts will only drag you down. If you're stuck thinking about something you can change - do it. While both of these things can seem like a challenge, you will thank yourself later.

Clean Out The Energy Suckers

Yep, social media and real life. If someone is constantly updating negative statuses, sharing negative quotes, putting you down, always complaining or just plain bugging you - delete. If you've already tried to reach out and help this person and they refuse to accept, there's nothing you can do except get pulled down with them. Cleanse your life.
Energy suckers can also come in the form of inanimate objects. Take five minutes at the start of the day to remove everything from your work desk that is distracting or annoying. You can also work on cleansing your house with my declutter guide.

One Thing You Love

As soon as you wake up (okay, maybe after the coffee) think of one reason you're thankful to be here. One thing, person, pet you're happy you get to come home to today. One trashy TV show you're glad is on. Even think of that nice glass of wine you're going to treat yourself to tonight. Find one thing, every day, that you can look forward to. Then, when you finally get it, think to yourself "this was worth it".

So there you have it, my three favourite steps that I've incorporated into my day that have made them all feel a little bit brighter. Yeah, the thing I look forward to is wine and cat cuddles by the way.

Until next time,