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Hello Hair Review

This is my Hello Hair review. I’ll be doing a review of the Hello Hair shampoo and conditioner, as well as the Hello Hair Hydrating masks!

After hearing all of the scary news about silicons and parabens in hair products, my bottle blonde mind started racing at the possibility of my hair melting out of my head. 

I sent my hairdresser a message – hey, I need a good quality shampoo and conditioner brand that’s free of nasties and doesn’t cost too much. What do you recommend?

He told me a few brands that were a bit of a stretch to my budget considering I’m not sure how my curly hair will react to a new treatment, and then he said one I’d never heard of. ‘Hello Hair is really good!’.

Well here I am, 8 weeks into my Hello Hair journey and I’m ready to tell you what I think.

What I Got

Pictured above, I got the Hello Hair ‘Hydrate Your Hair’ Pack. It was $95 and free shipping since it was over $45. This pack includes the shampoo, the conditioner and one of each of the hair mask editions. It’s also available specifically for blonde hair, but I’m not too fussed about toning.

You Should Know

I have curly, extremely thick, dry, frizz-prone hair. It is bleach damaged, tinted and heat damaged. It is mid-length. 

I also suffer occasionally from psoriasis on my scalp which is often set off by certain ingredients in hair care products.

First Impressions

I love the Hello Hair packaging so much. It came in a little calico bag and had a little note saying enjoy. The whole pack is super cute. 

I love that this is vegan and cruelty free, and contains no parabens etc – a totally natural product. It’s also Australian made and owned, however the fact it is vegan and natural was the selling point for me (aside from the hairdresser recommendation, of course).

Hello Hair Ingredients Review

Hello Hair Mask Review

I applied the botanic edition mask the first day I got it. It smells amazing! 

It’s very easy to apply. It’s an oil, not a cream. Since it was cold here the product was hard, but I just ran it between my fingers until it regained the liquid texture. It’s said to do that on the packaging. 

2020 update: I now run it under hot water when I’m ready to use it! Yes, I’m still using Hello Hair two years on and yes, I still love it! My Hello Hair review 2020 is as positive as ever.

Want more updated 2020 reviews? Check out my Bondi Boost post.

I left the mask in for half an hour and then shampooed it out with the Hello Hair shampoo, and followed with the Hello Hair conditioner. 

Since all of these products contain oils that are super good for your hair, it was a little hard to remove the mask with just the Hello Hair products alone, and it left my hair feeling a little heavy.

This will definitely be an issue for you if your hair is fine and straight. You’ll probably need to wash your hair again.

2020 Hello Hair Review update: I use Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash straight after the mask now, followed by the Hello Hair shampoo and conditioner. It totally removes the mask oils without removing the beautiful shine and hardwork of the mask itself.

I highly recommend the Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash before shampooing for literally every time you wash your hair. Let me know in the comments if you want a separate review.

Eight Week Verdict

I have been using the Hello Hair mask once a week following with the Hello Hair shampoo and conditioner.

My Hello Hair review? Girl, this is my new regular routine. This is definitely not just a test run product! My hair is so much easier to maintain, my scalp feels amazing and clean all of the time. 

Frizz has reduced and it takes around half the time to straighten my hair.

I feel as though my hair has grown, but that might just be the shine distracting me. My hair feels genuinely healthier, it doesn’t knot up as easily, and it’s not so dry anymore.

I will definitely be purchasing each time I run out. 

On weeks five and six I skipped the mask to see if the shampoo and conditioner could hold their own, and if you’re on a budget you can definitely use them as a stand alone product to get similar results. 

If you’re wanting to treat yourself though, a self-care Sunday isn’t complete without my Hello Hair mask!

Is Hello Hair Worth the Money?

Overall, considering the ingredients, the packaging and the results, Hello Hair is really inexpensive.

Natural, vegan products are in high-demand, and this company has done an amazing job of supplying a feel good product without really capitalising on their markets willingness to spend big.

I would consider Hello Hair to be affordable, luxury hair care that is accessible to everyone.

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