How to Design Yourself a Creative Weekend Away with the Girls

Today we have a guest post by Belinda Stinson of Creativity Belle about planning a Sydney Girls Weekend!
One of the best ways to change up the daily grind is to get away and while the time between big holidays can often be all too long, it’s entirely possible to add a girls weekend to it.

Coming back refreshed and smiling from time out with the girls who get you makes a world of difference. Plus, it’s great for the kids to have time out with others who love them and for those relationships to be nurtured.

So to help you get the creative weekend away juices flowing we’ve a mini plan for you to work around those brunches and dinners every getaway weekend features.

To start with let’s get planning a city retreat that involves beautiful locations, great food, fantastic shopping and that perfect entertainment experience. What better place than to start with Sydney - ideal for bringing girls together from different states with cheap airfares and great accommodation options.

Girls Weekend Plan

Let’s get planning with:

Seeing a show or exhibition. 

There’s always a great musical on that makes the heart sing and the between the Art Gallery of NSW and the Museum of Contemporary Art you’re guaranteed to find an exhibition that captures your imagination. Other personal favourite exhibition homes of mine include the Museum of Sydney and the NSW State Library.

Shop with local artisans at one of the best makers markets you’ll find

The Rocks Markets are in view of the harbour bridge and in the heart of heritage Sydney and are the home of over 150 local artists, artisans and designers making away in this vibrant city. You’ll always find something original, beautiful and fabulous with these talented creative women so soak up the creativity that surrounds you and take some home with you.
Plus, there’s great local affordable cafes right through the markets with delicious menus. The Rocks Markets are open Saturday and Sunday 10am - 5pm.

Walking tour around one of the world’s most stunning harbours

Yes, this is one of the most obvious things for an Australian to say, that Sydney harbour is one of the most amazing has one of the most magnificent natural and built environments in the world.
So taking time out to explore the harbour’s edge is a must - and a great way to walk off some of that delicious brunch and wine you’ve had at The Rocks Markets. Whether it is just a meander from the markets around Circular Quay to the Opera House or further exploration through the Botanic Gardens or even around to Barangaroo, you’ll find the views impressive, the access easy and the company wonderful.

The Power of a Good Laugh 

Taking time out to be with the girls, having a good laugh and getting back to your playful self again does the world of good.

The key is to set the date and meet up with the girls. Leave the daily worries behind at home, they’ll look after themselves for a couple of days and just go have some fun. It’s one of the best gifts you can give to yourself.

About Belinda Stinson

Belinda Stinson is a local writer, ceramist, artist and maker working in words, porcelain and watercolours.

You can find Belinda and her work at The Rocks Markets each weekend in Playfair Street, opposite  great local cafes and in the shade of a beautiful tree.

Read more of Belinda’s take on living a creative life in a colourful city at

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