How To Make Money on AirTasker

I've just broken $1k a week - and here's how you can, too.

*please note: AirTasker have no endorsed this post, nor are they affiliated in any way*

You may have heard of the not so new task delegation site, AirTasker - where people post jobs they need done with their budget and people apply. Once approved, you use the platform to communicate and complete the job, and then receive payment into your bank account. There's jobs from resume and article writing, right through to gardening and cleaning, so there's something for everyone and you can even do it from home.

However, when I've recommended AirTasker to people, they've made accounts, applied for a few jobs, gotten knocked back and deleted their account. So, here's how to put your best foot forward and make money on AirTasker.

Know What You're Good At

AirTasker has a review system, so if you do a job badly people will know. When browsing tasks, only apply for jobs you know you can do. For example, don't apply for a photo editing task if you have no software or experience. Do apply for a writing task if you have good grammar!

Treat It Like a Job Interview

People are paying their hard earned money to get these tasks completed. I see a lot of people make an offer with the words: "I can do it, assign me". If you were an employer, would you hire someone who said that? Tell the person about your skills, and why you'd be the best tasker for the job! If it's a data entry job, tell them about your accuracy and efficiency. If it's a gardening job, tell them about when you do your own and how you know how to identify weeds.
PS - remember to proof read your offer.

Start Small

There are a few $5 tasks floating about that are easy to get approved for, like completing surveys and leaving reviews. Don't be deterred by the low price - these will improve your completion rate and get you some 5 star reviews, making you more appealing for those higher paying tasks.


Keep communicating with the person you're doing the task for until you get it perfect. It might take longer than expected but those five star reviews are the end goal - and people might choose you for ongoing or future tasks as well.

Don't Give Up

I have a 96% completion rate and 5* review status - I still only get accepted for about 10% of the tasks I apply for. Sometimes you've got to really work for it, but it's worth it in the end when you have some help with your bills or a little disposable income. I've nearly quit my day job.

Ready to give it a go? Sign up with my link to get a free $25 towards your first task:

And feel free to comment if you have any more questions!

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