Mother's Day Gift Guide - For Natural Mums

Are you ready for Mother’s Day? You will be with this gift guide for natural Moms, by Susan French.
Mother’s Day is a celebration of family, an annual honoring of the commitment and fortitude it takes to be a mom. 

It’s a smattering of love for brave mommy-gladiators who work to take care of their family. 

It’s about women who wake up early each day - clad in standard mommy uniform: leggings and a stained t-shirt - to a chorus of ‘Mommy. Mommy! MOMMY!’ against the backdrop of sizzling bacon before they’ve had a drop of coffee.

Hats off to moms.

But for those who want to honor a special mother in your life, how do you find the right gift to say ‘thank you for all you do’? That’s a particularly tough question for anyone appealing to the sensibilities of a woman who is invested in natural living. 

Well, fret no more, let this blog be your guide to finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the natural mom in your life.

Organic Flowers and Fair-Trade Chocolates

You can’t go wrong with flowers and chocolate. If you’re buying a gift for a more traditional natural mom, spring for organic flowers and fair-trade chocolates so you can know that your money is well spent on ethically-sourced products.

Pair this with a donation in your favorite mother’s name to a charity of her liking, and you have a winning gift for a compassionate romantic.

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

Himalayan pink salt is still trendy in 2018. As we learn more about these lamps, evidence suggests they lack the purification qualities of a great True HEPA air purifier but still have a number of interesting home uses.

For one, pink salt lamps are said to provide negative ionization in the small space around the lamp. That means that positively charged ions fall to the ground, leaving the air clean for breathing. Unfortunately, to have an impact on an entire room, you'd probably need a pretty big chunk of salt.

But don’t walk away from these lamps just yet. The color of a Himalayan pink salt lamp, a lovely orange glow, is said to have properties suitable for color therapy. Using them in the home can be relaxing, making a great opportunity to give some Mother’s Day R&R.

Consider a salt rock lamp as part of a home spa package this Mother’s Day.

Anything Silver

Silver is awesome for natural moms. It is beautiful, it sparkles on the wrist and has natural antimicrobial properties. A silver and gemstone healing bracelet could be the right gift for someone special in your life.

If you want to go the natural healing route, but aren’t interested in jewelry, colloidal silver, usually sold as a spray, offers relief from a number of ailments and helps people avoid getting sick.

If your Mother's Day giftee has a natural wanderlust, maybe put together a vacation themed gift with colloidal silver spray for traveling and homemade junk jewelry with baubles that include a spyglass or compass.

Essential Oils

In recent years, an onset of MLMs pushing high-priced oils to an audience of mostly middle-aged moms has been a driving force behind the essential oils market. But essential oils are good for a lot of things from promoting healthy relaxation techniques to making natural bug spray.

Some fragrant oils that should be a staple in any natural home include:

Citrus oil
Tea-tree oil; and

They don’t have to be expensive either. Here’s a good starter set for any budget.

Dry Brush Gift Set

My mother always says you’ve got to take care of your skin because it’s the largest organ of the body. For the natural mama obsessed with clean, young-looking skin a dry brush set could be the perfect companion item to a regular skin-care routine.

These sets pair well with essential oils and other bath-time goodies like natural bath bombs and lavender Epsom salt.

French Press Coffee Maker

If you are looking for a great gift for the natural coffee-lover mom, a French press may answer the call. French presses are known for their ability to make a high-quality cup of coffee. A stainless steel press offers heat-retaining functional elegance making this a practical gift for practically anyone.

Instant Pot with a Healthy Cookbook

Crockpot cooking is easy and convenient. Perfect for moms on the go.

But an Instant Pot isn’t just any crockpot, and that makes it a great gift for the kitchen wizard in your life.

The Instant Pot brand boasts the tool’s ability to prepare complex meals in a fraction of the time. How does it do it? It must be mommy-magic. 

Enhance this gift with a healthy eating crockpot cookbook.

Reusable Water Bottle or Drinkware

When seeking the perfect natural gift, reusable water bottles, quirky unicorn coffee mugs and wine glasses are all on the table. 

For bonus points, seek out drinkware made from natural clay or recycled glass. Or in the case of the reusable water bottle, something that reduces waste -- making it an earth-positive gift. Paired with a succulent, you can’t go wrong with the right mug for your mom’s personality.

Clean Air Indoor Plants

Unclean air is responsible for a lot of bad things from coughing and congestion to allergies and heart problems. It agitates asthma, makes things miserable for pet owners and is even more irritating in hot climates. Yuck!

If you want to give a natural gift that solves a problem, consider clean air indoor plants. Selections like these make for attractive but practical gifts:

English Ivy
Spider Plants
Aloe; and

With improved indoor air, your loved one can experience relief from conditions associated with bad air and allergens.

Amazon Prime

When all else fails, buy the mom in your life a year of Amazon Prime. Prime comes with a number of perks like:

Fast, free delivery options
Access to exclusive movies, videos and music
Shopping perks; and
eBook borrowing services

Amazon is one of the most prolific distributors of media on the planet, and for the mom who has lots of hobbies, it’s a really good choice.

The Gift is Love

On Mother’s Day, the greatest gift you can give to the righteous babe in your life is love. But in the spirit of giving, what better way to show love than by presenting a gift that speaks to the soul of the receiver? Whether it be junk jewelry or an aloe plant, you can’t go wrong when you think about the person you are shopping for and buy the perfect gift that says ‘I love you for who you are’.

Susan is a blogger, contributor and content marketer. A WAHM and lover of mysteries, Susan’s blog offers marketing lessons with a true-crime spin.