The Importance of Moisturising (Yes, even for oily skin!)

Yes, it is for more than just dry skin.

Dehydrated skin is a sure fire way to look tired and aged, even when you don’t feel that way. Applying moisturiser can help minimise imperfections, and using a more concentrated method, such as moisturising sheet mask can help your skin produce its natural oils at a better rate, slow down aging and give you that ‘glow’ we see on celebs.
Sure, we always know we need moisturiser when our skin feels dry and flaky, or in winter time when we’ve got the heat pumps going and our skin isn’t producing as much sebum due to lower temperatures. What do we do if we have oily skin, or acne? Do we still moisturise as much, even though it seems like that moisture is our problem? Yep. Here’s why (along with two other reasons you should moisturise anyway).

Level Out Your Oils

Applying moisturiser to oily skin doesn’t produce more oil – it adds more moisture and gets your natural glands and pores working to their full potential. This can actually slow down their oil production, as they’re no longer working so hard to make up for what’s missing. This is especially important after a hot shower or exfoliation treatment. Heat and products strip the natural oils right off your face, and so your skin works overtime to replace them. Substituting that with a good moisturiser or sheet mask session will make your skin relax, and reduce the chance of pimples after these activities.

Look Younger Longer

There are a few reasons moisturising can help fight age. The soft skin on your face regenerates at a much faster rate than most other places on your body – so having something full of ‘the good stuff’ ready for your skin cells to cling to is key to clear, healthy skin. Even The British Journal of Dermatology says that ‘people who moisturise regularly accumulate wrinkles at a slower rate than those who don’t’.

Less Problems

Aside from solving the ‘too dry / too oily’ problems, moisturising regularly can help reduce the appearance of blemishes and spots as well. Regular use will give you a sheen finish with that glow we all chase. Hydrated skin also makes for a much better base for makeup!
Go and grab a moisturising mask today – your skin will thank you later.