The Juggle is Real

Today we have a guest post by Manal Waugh from Mammalante, that I think we could all learn from!

First time mama – this was the year for me. I had decided to stay at home to really “savour the moments”, yet somehow many other decisions started creeping their way into this “lay year” of mine and before I knew it, I had a situation… I started my own company and why not, decided to also start my own blog, threw in a few Instagram accounts to manage for other companies, and all in the very first year of motherhood! Oops, by the way, I’m also pregnant with accidental second child, need to maintain wife status, friend status, sister status, daughter status… and a few other bits n bobs in between… It’s real, the struggle; the juggle!

But in the end, didn’t I just decide to add more balls into the court myself? And aren’t I the one who decided to play the juggling game? Constantly petrified to let one of the balls drop in case... Well, I’m not quite sure what I think will happen, I guess I’d just have one less ball in my hands…?

I’m not delusional, there is a pressure to get all facets just right. There is an expectation to perform each role as though it were the only one in my life. And while I have managed to juggle many things before, somehow when you throw motherhood into the mix, it’s like adding ten new balls at once (sometimes more)! And this isn’t me whining about how horribly difficult the gig of motherhood is, it is hard, but I’m slowly coming to the realisation that I am making it much harder than it needs to be – I’ve manage to complicate something so seemingly simple when you look at it from the outside in; motherhood… it’s an instinct; intuition. I’m not saying I have all the answers, but I’m starting to see I have a lot more of them than I would have initially believed. I add more balls into the mix, and with that I am adding more distractions and that’s okay, as long as I keep my eye on the real ball; the one I cannot drop! That’s the one thing I should be most petrified about… losing sight of the thing that matters most to me and keeping that ball in the air for that little bit too long…

In all this mayhem, there is a calm in knowing that I care about every one of those balls in the juggling mix, and while the world won’t stop if I lose one or two I know what I absolutely don’t want to do; what I absolutely can’t do,

Lose the fun.

Seems odd when I say it out loud, or rather put it on paper, but that’s the truth of it… In the end, I think we will ask ourselves, how much fun we had? How much fun did we actually allow ourselves to have, with all of it! Not just motherhood itself, but all of that life in summation; the whole shebang! Parenthood can give you tunnel vision, but it’s important to pull back and remember everything else is still very real and still very present. And instead of that scaring the shit out of us, and instead of that making us feel like we need to grow superpowers just to deal with it all, I think it should just remind us to have a little fun with it all… drop a ball or two and see if you feel any lighter? See if you even notice?

Basically, I’m juggling a whole load of things that mean the world to me, but none of that matters if all I’m doing is trying not to let any of them hit the ground! I think to take the struggle out of my juggle, I have to take the whole thing a little less seriously and recognise, I’ve got this! And not in an, I’m invincible kind of way, but in a more humanised version; the one where I get to make a mistake or ten and not be ambushed because of it … the one where I get to have a little fun with it all and make the most of this crazy, messy life.

From one Mammalante to another, go ahead and make a mess of it … it’ll be that much more worth it in the end.

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