Three Reasons Hiring a Content Writer Can Make (or break!) Your Business

Adding another asset to your business can be a tricky decision.
Business is rapidly becoming much more than just good products. With approximately 543,000 new businesses getting started each month according to Forbes, and a whopping 80% failing within the first 18 months, getting noticed in the business world is an increasingly difficult task. You’ve perfected your brand but your products just aren’t speaking for themselves! So what now? Content. Blog posts, about pages, social media posts are all becoming the fastest way to get your business off the ground and get noticed by Googler’s and Facebooker’s around the world. So what happens when you have good content?

Drive Traffic

The term SEO gets thrown around so much with so little explanation it’s almost scary to some. To put it simply: keywords. What words are people going to type into the search engine when they’re looking for a product like yours? A good writer can identify these terms, and use those words in your pages, bio, and blogs. However, there’s a catch – if they use too many, you can get flagged for ‘keyword stuffing’ and actually be penalised, resulting in you not showing up in search engine results at all. Experienced SEO professionals will be able to find the happy medium – picking 3 – 5 keywords that will be strongest for your business, and then use these words where they fit into sentences seamlessly.

Build Relationships

When you’re regularly putting out content to an audience, they begin to feel more comfortable with you, and you are more relatable. They can start to look forward to your content – for its advice, its humour – whatever you’re putting out there that’s individual to your business. When you build trust and rapport with an audience, they’re more likely to turn into customers.

Free Advertising

If your content contains some helpful tips, funny anecdotes, or even just some aesthetically pleasing pictures, people are likely to share your content to their own social media channels. Then, their friends will view it, possibly clicking through your website, sharing their own favourite pieces and perhaps even purchasing your products. Free, organic advertising, posed to potential customers by people they already know and trust. Winning! Beware of falling into the clickbait trap though. Certain title forms will be instantly marked as spam and hidden by viewers, such as “the ground breaking product you need to try” and “you won’t believe the results after one week”. Navigate this world easily with an experiences content writer.

So now what? Well, either way you look at it, there’s no better time than now to start putting out amazing content for your business! You can take these tips and give it a go for yourself, or if your time short, experience short, or overwhelmed – send me an email here and we can discuss what I can do for you! Alternatively, send me a message on Facebook.
Best of luck business bosses! See you out there.