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5 Sunday Hacks for a More Productive Week

If you’ve been wondering how you can hack your Sunday for a more productive week ahead, here’s a treat for you. A guest post from Michaela Barnard today, that will make your week a whole lot easier!

“If only I had more time!” – You’ve heard it before or maybe you’ve even said it yourself. Unfortunately, for now, the days will continue to be 24 hours short, so the real key is to maximise the time we do have.

One of the best ways to use your time effectively is to set yourself up for a fantastic week ahead. Preparation, intention and action are integral for ensuring you have the productive week you are dreaming about.

Below are a few Sunday hacks to ensure you are prepared for the week ahead.

1. Tidy up

Yes! It can sometimes be boring, but it’s the thing that you’ve been procrastinating that will make the world of difference. There is a lightness that comes with tidying up, so take it in your stride and trust that you will feel satisfied afterwards. 

Change the sheets on your bed, tidy up your room and maybe even clean out your cupboard. A tidy space equals a tidy mind, which is imperative to a clutter-free, productive week. 

There’s nothing like welcoming a new week with fresh sheets, a tidy room and a clean house.  

Check out our Top 5 Declutter Guide for some tips on this.

2. Play catch up on the things that don’t need to come into the new week

I’m sure you have a few jobs or commitments that are still lingering from the week you’ve just had. 

For whatever reason you didn’t get around to doing them even they were on your to-do list every day this week. Now is the time to play catch up on these things that don’t need to come into the new week.

Got messages to reply to? Reply.

Got washing that needs to be folded? Fold it.

Got your hair to wash? Wash it.

While these are simple things, they are also the things that take up a large amount of your energy and focus. 

The more you think about doing these simple tasks, the more energy and focus you are wasting. Rather, do the simple things that don’t need to come into the new week with you so you can use your energy and focus for other things.

3. Create a to-do list of your goals and integrate it into your schedule

Let’s be real! Nothing makes you feel like you have your life together more than writing a list and being able to cross things off the list. Use this in your favour and write out the things that need to be done this week. With each item on the list, allocate a time and a day in your schedule when you are able to complete the task. This allows you to have structure around each day and a commitment to complete the task on the assigned day. It’s much more effective than having a long to-do list with no plan as to when the items can be completed. Get excited for minimal overwhelm and a whole lot of clarity and direction!

4. Schedule in time to move your body/workout

Just like scheduling in the time to work through your to-do list, it’s super important to schedule in time to move your body or workout. 

Moving your body has a range of benefits for your physical wellbeing, but it also has many benefits for your mental wellbeing. Moving your body is the perfect way to change your environment and circulate some energy. 

While moving your body should simply be a part of your everyday routine, life is busy, so scheduling it in ensures that it has a place in your schedule and in your day.

5. Plan something fun

Life is what you make it, right? 

Plan something fun or something you’ve wanted to do for a while and have something to look forward to. It could simply be catching up with a friend, finally sitting down and watching that movie or getting out into nature and climbing a mountain. 

Choose something that feels good and something that excites you. Never underestimate the importance of doing the things that make you feel good. You will feel re-energised and be happier for it.


Set your intention for the week by choosing a word

One way to control how you want to feel this week is simply by choosing a word. Ask yourself two questions:

1.  How do I want to feel this week?

2.  What will be laced through every task this week?

The word you come up with is ultimately a reminder of how you want to do things and how you want to FEEL doing the things in the week ahead (keyword: feel). There is no right or wrong – it’s simply a reflection of you choosing your attitude towards the week. Some words may be efficient, focused or fun.

Get excited knowing that by implementing these simple hacks, you are setting yourself up to have a productive week ahead. You have prepared, you have set the intention and now it’s time for action.

Five Sunday Hacks for a More Productive Week

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