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Wax Wraps: Why and How to use them

While we dive headfirst into a world of plastic-free, is this cling wrap alternative a good move?

Soy wax wraps or beeswax wraps (like the ones pictured above from Aotearoa Moonchild) are not a new product. While the world is finally waking up to the damage their waste is doing, their popularity is starting to pick up in full swing.

So, what actually are wax wraps, and what are they good for?

They’re pieces of cotton or other organic material, coated or soaked in wax. This could be beeswax, soy wax, candelilla wax etc. 

They are food-safe, and the concept behind them has actually been utilised since way back in Ancient Egyptian times.

They are reusable and (mostly) ethically sourced alternatives to cling wrap, which is a huge contributor to environmental landfill and animal deaths. 

Did anyone catch the David Attenborough feature of the baby albatross choking to death on a plastic toothpick? Stop using plastic. 

The best part about their rising popularity is that while previously only beeswax wraps were easy to find, there are now vegan alternatives flooding the market, such as the Wrappa Soy Wraps

Hey, don’t forget – depending on where beeswax is sourced it can sometimes be beneficial to bee communities to purchase their products!

Okay so now we know they’re earth-friendly cling wrap – what else?

Use them for:

Eco-Friendly Food Storage

Wrapping your halves of produce such as pineapples, pumpkins and onions extends their life and stops the smell from polluting the fridge or contaminating other products. 

Use wax wraps in the same way you would use cling wrap. You can also cover plates of leftovers or pitchers of water. 

You can also wrap your bread! Keeping it fresher for longer, and if you leave it on the bench it won’t get ‘sweaty’ like the loaves in plastic. You can also swap out sandwich bags for wax wraps.

Household Uses

Wax wraps can be used as a mat for rolling out dough and other ingredients, as it is non-stick. You can line your refrigerator drawers and trays. 

My personal favourite is wrapping soap! Stop it from sticking to the bath and leaving slim trails, or even take it with you if you’re travelling.

The two sites linked above are great resources for buying wax wraps – one in New Zealand and one in Australia. So go have a look and reduce your footprint while you can.

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