Does Bondi Boost Actually Make Your Hair Grow? | Bondi Boost Review!

Long hair don't care? We'll see

I am one of those people who bleached my hair at home for six years straight, and then got confused when it all started to fall out. Two years ago, I made the decision to chop to my ears and lay off the bleach. I got to just on shoulder length and that seemed to be the end of my hair growth journey. Until I heard of Bondi Boost. I bought the kit featured above and crossed my little fingers and toes. So does Bondi Boost work? Read on for my experience!

I have curly, thick, super dry hair - so I actually shy away from trying new products since I found my holy grail but I'd seen so many positive things about Bondi Boost making your hair grow that I just had to try it. So, I went all out. I got the shampoo, conditioner, vitamins, elixir, mask and intensive after shower spray. I only wash my hair once a week, so I wasn't expecting to see any major results any time soon.

I used the mask straight away, followed by the shampoo and conditioner. Honestly, this stuff smells so good! My hair was also really shiny and manageable after using it, almost like it was actually formulated for curly hair. My curls sat nicely and my hair was really soft. I can only imagine what it would do for straight hair.

I didn't intend on doing a review when I first purchased this set, because I didn't actually think it would work as well as it did. So, of course, I don't really have a before photo specifically of my hair - there's a selfie comparison at the end though!

Anyway, within the first four weeks (so four washes, four masks, 28 sprays and I'll be honest, maybe 6 vitamins because I'm forgetful) I had experienced a noticeable amount of growth. Repeat the cycle, and this is what I got (with a haircut in between!)


I was pretty impressed! I went back to the hairdresser about 8 weeks later and she literally asked me what I had been using to make my hair so long and healthy. Truthfully, I have always had it drummed into my head by my hairdresser that there is no magic cure for hair growth, so I was a little embarrassed to tell her what I thought it was. So I squeaked "ah, I bought the Bondi Boost kit".

"Wow, Bondi Boost? I've had so many clients come in talking about it and it is obviously working for them, and you. There must be something in it".

So, with my thoughts confirmed... I ordered more.
Does Bondi Boost actually work? Will Bondi Boost make your hair grow? Yes.

Here are two selfies one year apart, fried and frizzled short hair, to the Bondi Boost locks.
Hair growth results with Bondi Boost

I'll let you be the judge! Anyway, I'm off to wash my hair.

Does Bondi Boost Work?

Until next time, Rosa

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