3 Reasons Your Skincare Routine Isn’t Working

Here are three reasons your skincare routine might not be working, and how to fix them!

Starting a new skincare routine is filled with hopes and dreams of that model glow we see in magazines. So, what do you do when you try some new products and your skin gets WORSE? 

There are a few things that could be hindering your progress.

Your Application Method

The way you’re applying your skincare could have a big impact on the results you’re getting, so it’s important to make sure you’re reading directions properly and using the right tools.

Here are some reasons why your application method is making your skin breakout.

You’re Applying Products With Your Hands

Your hands go through a lot during the day, so when you’re touching your face it doesn’t really matter what type of product you’re using, you’re just spreading a whole lot of bacteria around the place. This results in bumps and blackheads that otherwise wouldn’t be there. 

Hey, I know what you’re thinking – “obviously I wash my hands” – well that’s great! Have you had a look at what’s in your hand soap or sanitizer that may be causing issues with your delicate facial skin? 

This could also be a cause for concern when it comes to figuring out why you’ve suddenly started to break out.

Another thing that happens when you rub your hands on your face is that you disrupt the skin cells, and it can result in dry flaky skin and even wrinkles.


So, what do you do? A facial brush is a great start to keeping your fingers off your face and ensuring a smooth product application all at the same time.

You’re Not Cleaning Your Tools

If you’re already ahead of the game and make sure you don’t touch your face with your hands, then maybe you need to throw out that brush and replace it – or maybe it’s time to buy new flannels because a spin in the washing machine simply isn’t fixing it anymore.

Treat your skincare products like your makeup products – check for expiration and replace your tools every three to six months even with thorough cleans in between.

You’re Using The Wrong Products

I know when I started with a beauty regime I wanted the MOST exfoliation with the MOST hydrating products. I wanted to rip out all blackheads three times a day and use a plumping, firming, anti-aging cream. However, this isn’t what my skin needed. This brings us to the wrong product example number one.

The Properties Aren’t Right For Your Skin Type

It pays to know your skin type, and I recommend consulting a professional for at least finding out which treatments work best for you.

Gentle sounds boring but sometimes it’s just what you need to bring out the perfect glowing layer of skin from underneath.

If you have dry skin, make sure you’re targeting the cause of the ‘dry’ instead of just throwing on heavy layers of gel-like moisturizer.

If you have oily skin don’t forget that it is just as important to regularly moisturize (find out why here).

The Ingredients Aren’t Right For You

The wrong ingredients targeting the wrong areas is one of the most common reasons your skincare routine isn’t working.

You could be allergic to something in your products that are resulting in redness, peeling, and general bad results.

Make sure you check through everything listed in the packaging and spot test new products.

Sometimes, it gets worse before it gets better

An old saying that sometimes rings true; especially in the case of supplements for hair, skin, and nails. These products are notorious for breaking us out before any improvements happen.

Stick to your regime for a few weeks, and if you still see no improvement, then it’s time to switch it up.

Reasons your skincare routine isn't working
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