What is sexual empowerment, and how do I find it?

I've been really lucky to snag a guest post from the team over at BestVibe, a fun and flirty store full of adult goodies. If you're thinking this topic is a bit taboo or maybe even dirty, then it might actually be for you after all! If you're over 18, read on to learn about sexual empowerment and what it really means.
Hands up if you've ever been taught that sex is a naughty word? Especially as women, most of us, at one time or another, have been faced with the prospect of having to tone down our sexuality and not speak of our needs due to the possible backlash of society. On the other side of that, hands up if you've ever been called a 'frigid' or 'vanilla' for not wanting to engage in sexual activity or try some new thing.

Luckily, these outdated views are quickly being forgotten as a new movement comes forward, urging us to embrace our femininity, sexuality, and desires.

The best part? This can mean whatever you want it to.

Femininity for you could be remaining covered up to leave it all to the imagination, or it could be wearing as little as legally possible to flaunt your assets. It could mean doing both of these on whatever day it suits you to do so. Sexual empowerment could be experiencing multiple partners, or it could be expressing your deepest desires with one long term partner. It could mean exploring yourself by yourself, or it could mean remaining abstinent until marriage, or even forever.

The true meaning of sexual empowerment is that you, and you alone, are comfortable with your sexuality and your sexual choices. The best way to do this? Embodiment.

If you're wanting to get comfortable with your sexuality, you're going to have to get comfortable with your body. Below, we've got THREE of our best tips for getting comfortable with your body and stepping into your zone of sexual comfort, empowerment, and divine energy.

1. Get to Know What Feels Good

Getting to know your body means that you will learn what makes it hum, what feels good and what doesn't. It's also a great way to ensure that if something goes wrong, you'll be right on top of it thanks to being able to immediately recognise the changes. If your version of sexuality does involve getting intimate with a partner, it might pay off to get intimate with yourself first. Learning what feels good for you through self-exploration will help you know what you want from a partner. Sexual empowerment does not come from simply pleasuring others - if you're wondering how to have better sex then you'll need to first know what good sex means for you. Maybe it's penetration, clitoral stimulation, or both at the same time. Luckily, BestVibe have a product for each of these so why not make a date with yourself and explore. Simply click the word of the one that piques your interest to see our recommendation!

2. Groom How You Want To

Ah, the age-old shaving debate. Here's the low down, when it comes to the moment, no one is really paying attention whether or not there is hair down there. Or anywhere, for that matter. If you're more comfortable with your hair covering your parts, keep it there. If you like the smooth skin option better, remove it. Whether you struggle with razor rash or hair just makes you itch, either option is suitable and to be honest, anyone paying more attention to your body hair than your pleasure probably isn't worth showing it to anyway.

3. Stay Clean

Experiment with different body washes, hygiene products and other things that make you feel your cleanest. A body mist you love the smell of, a PH balanced wipe every few hours, anything that makes you FEEL clean. You're much more likely to step into yourself confidently when you're not worried about how you smell or if anything is going on down there. On that note, it's also a really good idea to get regular sexual health check-ups if your idea of empowerment is regularly changing partners.

So, browse the range over at BestVibe, pour a glass of wine and get ready to learn more about the most important person in your life: you.

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