How To Make A Vision Board Work For You

You might be aware that I’m getting deep into manifestation, and wow, I have been getting some results. A vision board is one of the tools that has helped me the most, along with daily affirmations.

Now, before you click out thinking ‘this is too woo for me’, there’s one thing you need to understand about how manifestation and affirmations work at the most fundamental level: it changes your mindset. 

From the very beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, I have believed that mindset is the key difference between those who make it and those who do not.

Even beyond the entrepreneurial game, the mindset in all aspects of life is the number influencer of success – fitness, savings, diets, study – anything that requires determination and grit requires a committed mindset that not only believes you can do it but believes you can follow through. 

So without going too far into manifestation and connecting to the universe, I want to quickly outline the ways a vision board can connect you to your desires. Here’s how to make a vision board work.

What is the purpose of a vision board? How does a vision board work?

A vision board helps you get CLEAR on your ideas and desires.

Ever struggled to start the day when you don’t know exactly what it is you need to do? Find yourself wandering aimlessly around the supermarket when you’ve forgotten your list? The same thing can happen in life (and to your money) when you don’t have clear goals and purposes set for it. 

This doesn’t mean you need to know EXACTLY why you’ve been put on this Earth or that a vision board will help you define your souls’ purpose, but it will give you a bit more focus and a steady reminder of what it is you’re aiming for.

A vision board serves as a reminder

As outlined above, but a more in-depth explanation is that when you constantly bring your goals to the forefront of your mind, you’re more likely to be focused on them. 

Say you’ve got a vision board for your dream home decor; since you’re constantly reminding yourself and getting clearer on your decor style, items that fit your requirements are more likely to stand out to you as opposed to you having to look for them.

A vision board motivates you

When you have a physical, visual board, even if it’s a Pinterest board, you have a constant reminder of your ‘why’. 

Why are you working so hard on your diet, on your savings plan, on your business? The results you’re envisioning are lined up right in front of you and are there to keep you motivated when times get hard or you start to lose focus. 

When you’re feeling down about your abilities, a vision board is also a great reminder of what you’re capable of. After all, if you didn’t think you were able to achieve that amazing goal at some point, you wouldn’t have put it on the board. 

Having a vision board is helpful for reminding yourself how high you can aim and just what is within reach when you’re at your very best – a fantastic way to help get through the days when you’re at your lowest.

So the two main ways that a vision board works is through clarity and motivation. Setting clear goals and then knowing what you’re working for is a great way to achieve them, so a vision board is a great tool to help you achieve what you’ve set out to do. 

How to make a vision board

To make a vision board work, you can use one of the following methods:

Corkboard Vision Board

A corkboard vision board is great because you can use drawing pins to easily add and remove images and quotes you’ve printed out or cut from magazines, catalogs and papers. 

You can hang it on your bedroom door so you see it as soon as you wake up, or keep it in your office. 

This is one of the methods I personally use for creating a vision board that works – I have one in my office and one in my bedroom.

Whiteboard Vision Board

Creating a vision board with a whiteboard is similar to the corkboard concept, except you can use magnets. You can also write your affirmations directly onto the board.

Scrapbook Vision Board

A scrapbook vision board can be made by using a scrapbook and gluing your images in and writing your affirmations directly onto the pages. 

A scrapbook vision board is a great option because you can take it everywhere with you – including into the office.

Digital Vision Board

Of course, the one we’ve all been waiting for – Pinterest. 

A digital vision board on a platform like Pinterest is great because it’s always on hand and you can source images from all around the internet at the click of a button. It’s also a great way to save resources like ink and paper, so a little bit more of an environmentally-friendly choice. 

The digital board is one of my chosen methods for vision board creation, you can check mine out here.

I hope this has helped you figure out why you need a vision board and how to make sure it works for you.