Finding the perfect Christmas Gifts for Him!

A fun 20 questions game to find the perfect Christmas gifts for him.

Shopping for a partner can be HARD, especially if you’re still getting to know their interests.

Save some time endlessly searching good Christmas present ideas for men. 

Use this 20 questions game for couples to learn a little more about each other and cheat your way into finding him the best Christmas present, ever.

There’s some regular questions scattered throughout so he doesn’t pick up on what you’re doing. Don’t worry, there’s an explanation for the ones you’ll need to pay attention to!

Simple Questions

1. Favourite colour?

2. Favourite food?

3. Favourite clothing brand? (grab a gift card to a stockist)

4. Biggest fear?

5. Best childhood memory?

6. Weirdest present you’ve ever received?

7. The best present you’ve ever received? (can you mimic it?)

8. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? (tickets?)

9. Favourite musician or band? (tickets?)

10. Favourite time of year?

11. Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

12. What’s an activity you love but don’t get to do often? (organise it?)

13. Favourite scent/cologne? (buy it?)

14. Which food do you hate the most?

15. Biggest pet peeve?

Then these ones are for couple vouchers! If you’re a couple who likes homemade gifts, make vouchers for the answers!

16. Three biggest turn-ons?

17. Three things you appreciate people doing for you the most?

18. Top three favourite home-cooked meals?

19. Top three favourite places to go out and eat?

20. Describe three fantasy dates?

That should set you up with fifteen great voucher ideas for homemade voucher books for couples! What a great Christmas gift for a new boyfriend.

Some of the questions are general, so you can hide the fact that you’re trying to get some information out of him and act like it is a typical couples game from the internet!

However, if you wanted to get more in-depth and steer away from the basic questions to get some more gift ideas for your partner, here are five bonus questions!

Bonus Questions

1. Favourite book? (see if you can get a special edition print)

2. A new release game you’re looking forward to? (get it on pre-order!)

3. Favourite gaming console? (a gift card to the Microsoft or PlayStation store)

4. What’s one thing that would make your job easier? (get it for him!)

5. What’s one item you’ve always wanted, but never wanted to spend the money on? (within reason, this could be the best gift ever!)

Now ladies, don’t feel left out. This questionnaire is also a great way to help you find the perfect Christmas present for your new girlfriend, or even just for anyone to help find it for platonic friends and non-binary partners.

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I hope you’ve found some great Christmas gifts for him!