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Love Luna Period Underwear Review

If you are seeking an eco-friendly solution to pads and tampons then period underwear might be the answer for you. I tried the Love Luna brand and here is my Love Luna period underwear review!

There are a lot of products on the market for an eco-friendly period: cups, cotton pads and of course, period undies.

The concept behind Love Luna underwear is that you can just wash and wear. For some people, they’re a backup to a cup and for others, they’re the entire regime. It totally depends on your flow.

There are three shape options available – bikini brief, midi brief and full brief. I purchased the Dirty Dozen pack which came with 12 pairs of underwear and a wash bag. I chose 6 pairs of midi briefs and six pairs of full briefs.

Love Luna Sizing Review

Love Luna period briefs are true to size. I am generally a 6-8 which I purchased in the midi brief design. I was happy with the fit, the sizing was similar to other brands of underwear. 

The 6-8 sizes were sold out in the full brief design, so I purchased 8-10. These also fit well around the bottom and areas that you’d need to have good fit and coverage on during your period, although they did end up being extremely high rise as they were the size up. 

I recommend buying your regular size when shopping with Love Luna.

Are Love Luna briefs comfortable?

I didn’t experience any discomfort during the time I wore Love Luna. This was my first time using period briefs. I was a little worried that they’d feel bulky or wet at some point, but they didn’t.

The material on my pack varied depending on the cut. I preferred the soft cotton material of the full brief, but I preferred the cut of the midi brief. The midi brief was the shiny stretch material – so I think sizing would be more forgiving on this particular style.

Do Love Luna period briefs work?

My Love Luna period underwear review is all positive! I had a great experience with no leaks and no discomfort.

I thought the idea of reusable underwear was going to make me feel a bit icky. But, they were absorbent and dry, so I didn’t even think about it!

The website has a guide for how much each cut of underwear will absorb. I would describe myself as needing medium protection, and I changed my midi briefs 3-4 times a day. I wore the full briefs overnight with no accidents.

People with a heavy flow would probably be protected by the full briefs with a few changes a day. If you’re not in a position to be doing that, then it might be best to seek an alternative. Or, of course, use these as a backup to your cup or tampon.

So, why choose reusable period briefs?

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how Love Luna sizes up against other brands. I have no comment as I’ve not tried any others.

What I can comment on is the amazing difference that brands like this make to our earth. A direct quote from the Love Luna website is that “Pantyliners take 500 years to decompose.”

500 years?! There is no reason our period needs to have this type of impact on the planet or its creatures.

If you’re thinking of making the switch but you’re not quite sold, I recommend reading this article from National Geographic about the amount of plastic in our normal sanitary products. If not for the earth, then maybe for your body!

Overall Love Luna Period Underwear Review

For me and my needs, I give Love Luna a big five stars! I don’t think I’ll make the switch to a different product in the future – I think I’ll just buy more. 

Having missed out on the ‘Talk Dirty to Me’ wash bag when I made my order (I got a plain one instead) I think I’ll hold out for the restock!

So there we have it. If you’re thinking of getting your hands on the Love Luna range, I give it the green light!

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  • Love Luna Period Brief Review
  • Love Luna Period Brief Review