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Veganism on a Millennial Budget

Today at Rosa’s House we’re so excited to have a guest post about veganism on a millennial budget from Morgan at The Veg Query!


Finding the perfect Christmas Gifts for Him!

A fun 20 questions game to find the perfect Christmas gifts for him. Shopping for a partner can be HARD, especially if you’re still getting to know their interests. Save some time endlessly searching good Christmas present ideas for men.  Use this 20 questions game for couples to learn a little more about each other […]

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Six MUST HAVE Apps For Budget Travellers

If you’re a fan of budget travel then these apps are for you! In the era of digital nomad lifestyles, safety and budget have never been higher on the list of ‘travel must-haves’. Here, I’ve compiled a list of six apps that make travel easy, safe and inexpensive. I’ve categorized them so you can skip […]


How To Make A Vision Board Work For You

You might be aware that I’m getting deep into manifestation, and wow, I have been getting some results. A vision board is one of the tools that has helped me the most, along with daily affirmations. Now, before you click out thinking ‘this is too woo for me’, there’s one thing you need to understand […]