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Wax Wraps: Why and How to use them

While we dive headfirst into a world of plastic-free, is this cling wrap alternative a good move? Soy wax wraps or beeswax wraps (like the ones pictured above from Aotearoa Moonchild) are not a new product. While the world is finally waking up to the damage their waste is doing, their popularity is starting to […]

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Top Five | Declutter Guide

Your home is your oasis! It just so happens that you actually live in it, so it gets messy sometimes.  If you’re anything like me, you accumulate a strange things with seemingly no origin.. “but they have meeeaning to me“ Okay maybe I’m just a serial hoarder. Which really, is good news for you – […]

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Top Five Houseplants for Beginners

photo: homespunsucculents Living decor is one of the biggest interior design trends right now. Here’s some easy ways to add it to your home! Big, leafy house plants are a bold design statement but let’s face of it, plants can be hard to take care of and you might want to learn the ropes before dropping […]