3 Reasons Your Skincare Routine Isn’t Working

Here are three reasons your skincare routine might not be working, and how to fix them! Starting a new skincare routine is filled with hopes and dreams of that model glow we see in magazines. So, what do you do when you try some new products and your skin gets WORSE?  There are a few […]

Eco-Friendly Living

Easy Household Swaps for Reusable Items

It’s no surprise that reusable, eco-friendly alternatives to most household items are quickly gaining popularity amongst households. Here are four EASY PEASY swaps for reusable items. Considering the positive effect that plastic reduction has on our planet Earth, this is definitely a millennial-led trend that we should all get on board with (no more straws […]


4 Easy & Delicious Cocktails You Need At Your Next Event

Four easy cocktail recipes! Cocktails are the perfect complement to any event – whether it’s a high-class tea with a few casual beverages or a boozy bachelorette, there’s just something about a cocktail that makes events feel a little more sophisticated. These four fun and easy cocktail recipes will soon be your go-to mixes for […]

Blogging Guest Posts

9 Ways To Find More Time To Work On Your Side Hustle

Kathryn Roberts is an entrepreneur and side hustle mindset coach at Quest for $47. There, she teaches young women how to live more abundant lives by creating passive income-generating side hustles that allow them to have more freedom outside their corporate salaries.